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Tuesday 2nd June

Some of the Busy Bees are back in the classroom now so this page will look slightly different. Go to the main page to see what we're up to daily and to see photos from school and all your super work at home. 

Remember when on the internet STAY SAFE! If you see anything you think is wrong then let an adult know straight away!

Morning prayer

Hold my hand God, lead the way,

Help me be good every day,

Let me know what's wrong and right,

Keep me safe day and night,

Let me know what you have planned,

Lead the way God, hold me hand.



Get your pink book and write today’s date at the top- it is important to do this every day!

From now on in Phonics we are going to be learning about different sound families. A sound family is different ways to make the same sound. For example: ee for tree and ea for bead. The ee and ea make the same sound but are just written in different ways.


Today we are looking at the 'f'sound. Here is a poster showing the different ways we could write this sound. Look at the pictures and use your phonics to write the sound with the correct spelling of 'f' shown. Can you think of any more words with the 'f' sound in? Write them down too.

Tricky words

Each day I'm going to put on 4 tricky or high frequency words. You can practice them in whatever way you want. You could write them in silly sentences, you could copy them using rainbow colours, you could do copy, cover, test.






 Get your green home learning book. At the top of the page I want you to write the date again. 


Peter Pan takes Wendy, John and Michael to Neverland. They have to think of a happy memory and they fly all the way there, looking down at London as they go. 

Listen to me reading that part of the book:


Pretend you are one of the children. How does it feel flying there? What can you see? What can you hear? How do you feel? Where do you think you are going? What do you think it will be like?

Look at the picture below to help you too!

Remember I want to see:

Capital letters and full stops

Finger spaces


and / but / because

? !



Underneath your English work write the short date: 2.06.20

Yesterday we started looking at quarters. Remember a quarter is splitting something in 4 equal parts.

Today I'm going to give you some numbers and I want you to find a quarter of that number. You need to draw 4 circles and share the number equally between the 4 circles. Remember to check that there is the same amount in each circle.

e.g. if I wanted to quarter the number 12 I'd draw 4 circles. I would draw a star in each circle and then go back to the first circle and carry on until I've draw 12 circles altogether. I'd then count how many stars are in each circle. There should be 3, so that means that a quarter of 12 is 3. Rather than drawing you could use objects. Get 12 sweets and share them equally into 4 groups. In each group you should have 3 sweets which means a quarter of 12 is 3.

Have a go at these:

A quarter of 8 is __

A quarter of 16 is __

A quarter of 20 is __

A quarter of 12 is __

A quarters of 4 is __

Can you quarter all numbers? Why not?




Wendy from Peter Pan lives in our Capital City, London. Have any of you been there? That's where the Queen's palace is; Buckingham Palace. There are other famous buildings like Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

In class we will find London on a map of England today and look at some of these buildings as they will help with our Peter Pan craft...

Why don't you research London, have a look at these buildings, especially there shapes and sizes and see what they are used for.

Have you been to London? Have you got any photos of when you went there? Why not have a look back?

Peter Pan Activity

Today's Peter Pan activity in class we are going to start with some painting. We are going to paint a backdrop of a sunset using watercolours. You could use crayon or felt tips if you wanted. Starting with red to about half way up your page, then orange and yellow at the top.

We are then going to draw around some London buildings onto black paper and cut them out as silhouettes. Stick these at the bottom of your picture. Then cut out some silhouettes of Wendy and Peter Pan and have them flying in the air.

Story time

We will start a new story in class called 'The Creepers' by Tom Fletcher. I will film myself reading it and put the link here so keep your eyes peeled.