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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School


A St Joseph’s learner will know what life was like in the past in Rugeley and how things have changed. They will develop a good general knowledge of key events in British and world history and have a good understanding of when and where these took place. In learning about the past, they will recognise the importance of respect and tolerance in shaping the future.





In Early Years we will start to build knowledge about the past. This will begin by first exploring children’s past experiences and life events. Knowing their own past and how that looks. We will learn about the lives of significant people and events through our ‘Let’s Celebrate’ calendar. We will have phase celebration days to learn about these celebrations in a cross-curricular way providing meaningful experiences and making learning relatable for children. Our calendar is below.

We will also look at images and artefacts from the past where appropriate with children. We will use these as discussion points.

Progression Map for History

Please Note: The statements in bold are national curriculum based objectives. Other objectives come from our own school curriculum planning.

Support in History and Geography

All children have the opportunity to join in history and/or geography lessons weekly, however we know that some children may need more support in this lesson than others. To help children who may need more support or who are on the SEN register we may:

  • give adult support during these lessons
  • offer modified resources or books
  • give visual prompts

This support will be given during the lesson so that children do not miss out on their curriculum.