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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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It's Mrs Heighway here, I will teach you every morning with Mrs Ostle. In the afternoons Mrs Ostle will teach you with Mrs Whitelaw.  

Together we form a team of 3! With two members of staff in the morning and two in the afternoon. 

We are in the Spring Term!

 Below you will find some of the fantastic learning we will be doing throughout this term.

Parents please check Class Dojo to see what we are up to and to keep up to date with class updates. Check your child's Evidence Me profile to see their individual learning journey observations. 


We follow the Essential Letters and Sounds Phonics learning scheme (ELS). This term we will learn the last of our Phase 3 sounds. 

We have practised reading and writing lots of CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words like cat, bin, map, log... 
We are now learning to spot and hear digraph and trigraph sounds, particularly vowel sounds including ai, ee, igh, oa, oo... 

Phonics play is a great website to practise reading and it is also tablet compatible. The children love sorting the words into real and nonsense in this game!

Buried Treasure (phonicsplay.co.uk) 

Also take a look at alphablocks for some fun blending and reading clips too. 



This term we are really trying to apply our phonics with independence when writing. 

Key tips are... Sound talk the word, use the sound mat to find the sound you can hear (this will help children know how to write it) and to cut the word up by clapping the syllables and writing one syllable at a time. 

We are writing lists, labels and captions in play and our choice activities.... so writing is fun! 


We are learning to read simple sentences. We are getting confident about reading words on their own and matching them to pictures. We are now trying to read a simple sentence, we encourage children to go back each time they have blended a word, this helps them read the sentence together, rather than see the words as individuals. This helps them understand what they read and read fluently. 



The cat

The cat sat on

The cat sat on the mat. 

- I would then ask questions like, What is the sentence about? -A cat. Where is the cat? - On a mat. 


We are learning about addition and number composition to ten. 

We are spending lots of time looking at tens frames, here is one below.

Ten Frame - Class Playground

We try and spot patterns in the tens frame which help us recognise the number shown without counting. For example - A full line is five, if there are two spaces free, it will be 8, a full frame is ten....

Math Ten Frame 0-10 Printables for Pre-K - 2nd Grade | Lesson Planet

 We will also look at a Part Part Whole model which children can use for addition, subtraction, number bonds and division later on in their education. I will share how we use this, as we learn it in Class A. You will find this on Dojo when we are using it. 

Here are our number rhymes that help us with number formation too! 

Number Rhymes 

1- A straight line one, it is fun. 

2- Around and back on the railway track makes two, two, two. 

3- Around the tree and around the tree, this is the way to make a three.

4- Down and across and down some more, this is the way to make a four.

5- With a straight neck and a round tummy, put it's hat on five sure looks funny!

6- Around and a loop, the six rolls a hoop. 

7- Across the sky and down from Heaven, this is the way to make a seven.

8- Make a 'S', do not wait, climb back up to make an eight. 

9- A loop and a line, makes a nine. 


We love Numberblocks! 1
There are lots of fun videos on here that really reinforce counting, number composition, ordering and addition / subtraction. 

BBC iPlayer - Numberblocks - Series 1: One


Here are some games your child you play at home to support counting, number recognition and shape recognition. 






Thank you for your support!