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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

With God in Our Hearts We Love and Learn.

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School


Headteacher Mr Jobburns (SLT) Safeguarding Lead, Curriculum & Assessment inc. PE and Arts

Deputy Headteacher

RE Lead 

Mrs Baldwin (SLT)

Mrs Farmer

Send Hub lead. Deputy Safeguarding Lead, Pupil Premium, SENCO, Music

RE/RSE lead 




Mrs Willits 

Mrs Waters

Speaking & Listening
Class A        (Reception) Mrs Heighway/Mrs Ostle  EYFS Leader
Class B              (Y1) Mrs Jobburns  Phonics Lead/Student mentor 
Class C              (Y2) Mrs Kay  Computing 
Class D              (Y3)

Miss Denny (SLT)

Maths and Arts

Class E               (Y4) Mr Cox History and Geography
Class F               (Y5) Mrs Farnell (SLT) English and Mfl
Class G              (Y6) Mrs Smith and Mrs Farmer

Science and RE


Miss Cooper

Lay Chaplain

Mrs Piper

Office Manager

Mrs Wagg


  Mrs Ostle/Mrs Whitelaw Teaching Assistants Class A 
  Mrs Hancox Teaching Assistants Class B 
  Mrs Ryan Teaching Assistants Class C
  Miss Owen Teaching Assistant Class D
  Mrs Astall Teaching Assistant Class E
  Mrs Shaw Teaching Assistant Class F
  Miss Moore Teaching Assistant Class G
  Mrs Whitelaw, Mrs O'Connor, Mrs Campbell, Mrs Brandon, Mrs Astall, Miss Murphy and Miss Hope Teaching Assistants Nursery and SEND Hub
  Mrs Simmons, Mrs Dean and Mrs Morris Lunchtime Supervisors
  Mr O'Connor

Site Supervisor