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Half term

If you would like to do any more tasks to keep you busy this half term, I have listed some website links for you to visit and use. These are optional and your usual homework will be due in on Monday 2nd November :)







Please return your homework completed on Monday morning and continue to practise your spellings throughout the week to prepare for our quiz on Friday. 

Remember to ask an adult to sign your homework once it has been checked :)



If you are unsure of their meaning, please use a dictionary to look up the definition.


  1. determined
  2. develop
  3. dictionary
  4. disastrous
  5. embarrass
  6. environment
  7. equipped
  8. equipment
  9. especially
  10. exaggerate




Write a sentence including each spelling and a conjunction. You should copy the word in your sentence carefully to make sure that it is spelt correctly.



Have a go at these questions in your homework book:


Welcome back Gifted Gibbons!