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Communication with Parents


We use Evidence Me and Class Dojo to communicate with parents. Here are some comments we have received about our use of these applications... 

“Receive lots of updates”

“It’s useful as we can learn further at home knowing what they have been doing.”

“We find it is really useful to talk with (child’s name) about his time in Nursery – Thank you!”

“Great to have an insight of child’s learning”.

“Teachers are very good at communicating with me through both forums. I am very happy with responses and evidence.”

“Thank you so much for the hard work you all put, especially with the support you have given to us and (child’s name) with his additional needs.”

“I like the EYFS references and quotes”

“Dojo is great!”


Evidence Me

Evidence Me is an online Learning Journey. We have started using this app this year (2021-2022). We previously used paper Learning Journeys, however with COVID restrictions we found we weren't able to share this with parents often. We use Evidence Me to share children's learning and play observations. By using this we are able to share new learning as it happens, so parents get to see all their child's proud moments! We often tag areas of learning to share more about the curriculum with parents. We like to recognise all of our children's proudest moments and new learning on Evidence Me and so some steps in your child's learning journey may not be linked to a curriculum statement, but we feel it is an important step in their development. Observations get released to parents and so over the week parents should get to see different parts of their child's learning and play for that week. 

In light of the updated EYFS framework we have reduced the number of observations we take which allows us to spend more time in play and developing learning with your child. We make observations for new learning or Objective Led learning or development in play. 


Class Dojo

We use this app as a communication tool. We share photos of our classroom and activities that the children may have enjoyed. We update parents with what we are learning through Class Dojo. We share important messages on here too. Parents are able to message teaching staff directly through Dojo if they have any queries or questions. Dojo should give a picture to the parents of what it is like to be in their child's class. 


Parents are also able to speak to staff when dropping off their child or on collection at the end of the day. We are always happy to help! Parents can also phone the office and request a member of staff calls them back, should they have any worries or concerns.