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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

School Uniform

Please see the link below for suppliers of our school uniform: 



It is essential that all items of clothing be marked clearly with your child’s name. You can order name labels through the following link, quoting our unique number 20285


In choosing to send your child to St Joseph's, you are agreeing to follow uniform requirements: 


The school uniform for Early Years and Key Stage 1 consists of: 

                                            Royal blue cardigan or jumper with school logo

                                      White polo shirt

                                      Grey trousers, skirt, or pinafore

                                      White, grey, navy or black socks OR navy, grey or black tights

                                      Black shoes - no heels, no fashion boots, no trainers/plimsoles or soft material.


The school uniform for Key Stage 2 consists of:


                                           Royal blue cardigan or jumper with school logo

                                      White shirt and school tie

                                      Grey trousers, skirt, or pinafore

                                      White, grey, navy or black socks OR navy, grey or black tights

                                      Black shoes - no heels, no fashion boots, no trainers/plimsoles or soft material.



Boots may be worn to/from school however normal school shoes need to be changed into once arrived.


During the summer term, light blue and white check school dresses with white socks may be worn by the girls.


We expect pupils to wear appropriate clothes, and a warm coat is needed at break time for much of the year.




Should be suitable for school. Governors expect appropriate hairstyles e.g. no dyeing, no tram lines, no shaved designs.

Accessories must be limited to school colours - blue, white and black.

Children with long/shoulder length hair must have it tied back. 


We do allow watches and fitbits as they promote telling the time and keeping fit (no smart/Apple watches). These are however worn at the pupils own risk and any loss or 

damage is not the responsibility of the school.

Earrings are allowed but these must be small plain studs and only one in each earlobe. No other piercings are allowed.

Earrings must be removed at home on P.E./Swimming days.

If you are considering getting ears pierced we request that this be done at the start of the 6 weeks holidays to ensure your child is able to remove them on their return.

No other jewellery should be worn. ie no rings, necklaces.



Plain (no logos) navy or black school PE shorts, St Joseph's logo blue PE t-shirt and trainers.

Trainers should be black, navy or white only. NO hi-viz or fashion wear / hi tops.

Pumps may also be required for indoor use.

During winter months KS2 pupils may wear a plain navy or black tracksuit or jogging suit for outdoor games.

Children will also need suitable outdoor trainers or football boots and shinpads if attending afterschool Football Club.

KS2 children going swimming will require:

Swimsuit (one piece for girls and boys plain shorts no lower than the knees), large towel, coat to walk to/from the leisure centre.





The governors have requested that the Headteacher and staff at the school, monitor compliance with this policy on a daily basis.


Parents of any children appearing at school with the wrong uniform on will be contacted with a request made to put it right.

If there is any reason, at any time, that your child is not in correct uniform, it is the responsibility of parents to inform the Headteacher.

The Headteacher will contact parents if no or an unsatisfactory explanation is available.

This initial discussion will be followed by a written formal warning.

If all attempts to attend to incorrect uniform have been ignored, the child will be kept in at break and lunchtime.

Obviously this is not an option that the Governors would like to choose so we ask for your support in ensuring this does not occur.