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A St Joseph’s learner will enjoy a range of sports (including swimming) and be able to take part in them confidently. They will understand the importance of being a fair, team player and be able to play skilfully both in a team and individually, showing their best effort when taking part. They will have mastered the basic skills so that they can take part in a wider range of sports in the future.

We place sport high on the agenda at St Joseph's. We look to give all children an opportunity to take part in a wide range of sports through our PE curriculum. We also offer a range of sports and fitness clubs outside of school. Our school also enters the local sports events including football and netball leagues. They are part of the Cardinal Griffin Cluster sports events which include handball, dodgeball, cricket, swimming, football, netball, cross country, dance, trampolining and rounders. 

We also priorities health and fitness. All children receive fitness sessions in school and in KS2 children are provided with a fitness tracker to encourage additional minutes being active. As well as this we meet on the first Saturday of the month at the Cannock Chase Park run. This allows us to come together as a school community and encourage families to stay active. 

We hope you enjoy looking at the photos of some of the sporting events of the last few years. 


Below you will find Intent documents for PE. These link directly to the National Curriculum and demonstrate what we intend to teach the children of St Joseph's through the PE curriculum. 

PE Policy

Long Term Plan 2023-24

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The documents below are our medium term plans for PE. We will change our long term plan each year to allow children the opportunity to access a variety of different sports. We will however ensure that the skills progression taught will be transferable to a range of sports. 

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Each unit will be assessed against keys skills and knowledge using the grids below. 

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Health, fitness and wellbeing

As part of our curriculum design we wanted to make sure children have a good understanding of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle on their future and the importance of being 'Fit for Life'. We want all children to understand the impact of their lifestyle choices and therefore spend a lot of time talking about this to them.


We have invested money from the Sports Premium funding to run fitness classes in all year groups using a tracking system to measure progress and encourage healthy competition. 

These sessions are run by WMSD and a different year group is targeted each term. 

We believe this is having a really positive impact om our children with higher numbers then ever attending out cross country training. as well as other clubs.  

Competitive Sports 

We want all children to be involved in competitive sport so they can learn how to win and lose. We ensure that all children access competition through the curriculum and inter school sports. We also want to encourage children to work hard to represent the school in many different areas such as football, netball, tennis, cross country, athletics, cricket, swimming and many more. We enter teams in to all of these events and have had many successes. Children aspire to be part of these teams and are proud when they represent the school. 

Support in PE

All children have the opportunity to join in PE lessons every week, however we know that some children may need more support in this than others. To help children who may need more support or who are on the SEN register we may:

  • give adult support during these lessons
  • give visual prompts

This support will be given during the lesson so that children do not miss out on their curriculum.

If PE is taught by an external agency, all staff will be informed of all children on the SEN register and any specific needs within the class.

A Cricketing school

At St Joseph's we pride ourselves in trying to offer our children as many opportunities as possible, We have decided to focus the latest Sports Premium Funding on developing Cricket facilities in the school. 

The success of 'The Hundred' in the Summer and the role out of 'Chance to Shine' across our school during the pandemic led us to  discussions about the positive impact this sport could have on all of our children. 

We feel the inclusivity of the sport and the way it develops children's values is unique. We have therefore now built two practice nets on the school field. We will use these to give all children the opportunity to feel like a professional cricketer. We have also teamed up with Rugeley Cricket Club to help develop players of the future. 


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