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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School


When a pupil is absent from school for any reason, we expect a telephone message or note explaining the reason for the absence.  The preferred option is a telephone call early on the first morning of absence.


Following the procedures stated in the school’s Administration of Medicines Policy, we ask that you discuss with the Headteacher any medication which you wish to be given to your child during the school day.  If it is agreed that the medication can be administered in school, it should be sent clearly labelled in the original container, giving your child’s name and clear instructions regarding dosage.  You will also be asked to fill in a form giving permission for the medicine to be given.

If your child is unwell she/he should not be sent to school.  If any pupil becomes ill at school, every attempt will be made to contact you to ask you to take them home or to the doctor.  Minor cuts and grazes will be treated in school.  In an emergency, we will contact the emergency services and inform parents.

For these reasons it is essential that we have on record not only your home phone number, but also work phone numbers, and at least one other emergency contact number, such as a relative or friend.

Parents will be sent an information form to fill in annually, which enables us to keep our records up to date.  If your child’s medication is changed at any time during the year, please inform the Headteacher in writing immediately.