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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Special Educational Needs and Disability

At St. Joseph’s we believe that all children will have a special need at some time in their lives.  This includes those with exceptional talents as well as those with learning or behavioural difficulties.  We accept that some children will have needs which will necessitate special educational provision.  It is our aim that each child should realise his or her maximum potential in a caring, supportive environment which provides equal opportunities.


The staff and governors of St. Joseph’s will do their best to meet the Special Educational Needs of all pupils at the school.  This will be achieved by:          


  • Admitting all pupils to the school on the basis of the school’s published admissions procedures and welcoming all pupils, including those with SEND;
  • Enabling all pupils to be offered access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum with the maximum degree of social and educational inclusion;
  • Identifying as part of its School Improvement Plan resources to implement the identified policy and procedures and evaluate its implementation;
  • Enabling teachers to make appropriate provision for all their pupils through the provision of appropriate support, information and advice;
  • Developing a partnership between parents, pupils and the school, in which each has an active role to play in the education of all our children.

In school, the SEND coordinator is Mrs S. Baldwin and she can be contacted via the school office on: 01889 228735


The school aims to work with other agencies in order to provide an integrated support, based on the needs of the pupil.  Co-operation between the school, the LA, the Local Support Team, the Health Services and Social Services is vital if we are to secure the most effective assessment, intervention and deployment of resources for pupils with SEND.


SEND Policy 2019-20 (under review)

SEND Information Report 2019-20

Equality Policy 2019-2020

Accessibility Plan 2019-2020 (key objectives)

Accessibility Plan 2018-2019 (key objectives)


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Local Offer

Staffordshire’s local offer provides information and services for children and young people aged 0-25 with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and their families. The Local Offer website aims to help families by gathering the information that they need to know in order to make informed choices about the support they receive.


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