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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Celebrating Mary

In May we celebrate the Rosary and hold our annual devotion to Mary.

The Holy Rosary, Mary’s Prayer


The purpose of the Rosary is to help people reember the events in the lives of Jesus and Mary and to thank and praise God for them.

The main focus is on Jesus - his birth, life, death and resurrection.


The main parts of the Rosary Prayer are:

  1. Sign of the Cross    
  2. The Our Father Prayer       
  3. The Hail Mary Prayer (three times)
  4. The Glory Be to the Father
  5. The Our Father Prayer
  6. The Hail Mary Prayer (ten times)
  7. The Glory Be to the Father


  • The Rosary Prayer focuses on the life of Christ from the Bible.  
  • During these prayers, people meditate on different aspects of Christ’s life.  
  • The beads of the Rosary are divided into five decades (or sections); each decade represents an event from the life of Christ.  
  • These five events are grouped into a set of four mysteries, each focused on an important part of the life of Christ.  
  • The four mysteries are named after the type of events in that mystery: 

Joyful - The Nativity

Luminous - The Baptism of the Lord

Sorrowful - The Crucifixion

Glorious - The Resurrection

Year 5 praying to Mary during the month of May in our school chapel. 

Enjoying Open for Mary, our virtual daily retreat with Onelife Music.