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Our Learning Approach


Objective Led Planning Approach 

We are proud to use an Objective Led Planning (OLP) approach in our Foundation Stage. OLP is a style of teaching and learning that keeps children in play as much as possible, making learning fun! We are passionate to make learning fun, practical and purposeful and learning through play encompasses this. 

We find this approach means children are more engaged in play and learning and that they are more willing to have a go. We really try to promote a 'can do' attitude. 

We often plan inputs to teach new skills and new learning, we build on and consolidate this in inputs to follow. An input would be led by an adult. We use talk partners where appropriate to allow children to discuss their ideas and develop their understanding with their friends. After our inputs our children go into provision... play! Nursery children don't always have an input linked to their objective as some objectives may not require a planned input but may require more support direction in play.

Children are able to choose their play inside or out. They will be able to access continuous provision areas that they can play in with their friends. There will also be a planned enhanced provision, these are activities or resources that have been planned for by an adult. Enhanced provision will be linked to one or more of the following... children's play and interests, prior learning, developing a skill, providing a broad and balanced curriculum. 

Whilst children are playing adults will observe play and join in, whilst playing adults will develop play to extend it. Some adults will be planned to play and interact with the children, taking moments to develop play and provide intervention in the moment as misconceptions arise. Some adults will be carrying out Objective Led Planning. This will be planned by the teacher to develop an area of learning, the order in which will be planned for in medium and long term plans. The teacher will select an appropriate objective, one that is linked to the EYFS. Whilst children are playing adults will again join in play where they are able to and they will scaffold the play and discreetly direct it to the planned objective. 


Here is an example from Reception...

The planned objective is...

Writing for a purpose. Build confidence to have a go at applying phonics to write. Use sound talk to encourage children to hear initial and end sounds in a word/all sounds in a word where appropriate.

This could be extended to write a simple sentence.

The EYFS Statement is... 

Spell words by identifying the sounds and then writing the sound with letter/s.

Write short sentences with words with known letter-sound correspondences using a capital letter and full stop.


I am observing play. I observe children playing pirates. I join in. "Has anyone made a treasure map?" "I will make one! Can someone help me?" "What could we draw on our map?" "What could our island be called?" "Let's write the name of our island on here, could you do that?" "Shall we write a clue to help our fellow pirates find the treasure?"


Here are some examples of writing in play from Reception.