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A St Joseph’s learner will develop a love for language learning through exploring a range of stories, songs, games and rhymes in French. They will learn to speak in simple sentences so that they are able to engage in basic conversations; ask and answer questions; express opinions and respond to those of others.

Our school follows the Primary Languages Network scheme of work. We have carefully selected this scheme to best meet the needs of our children as it is a live scheme which is continually updated and revised in line with current curriculum standards. The scheme is very well resourced and is easily adapted to suit the expertise of individual staff. Non-specialists are able to make use of videos and podcasts (spoken by native speakers) to support their teaching and ensure that the children learn accurate pronunciation from the very beginning of their MFL journey.


Currently all children in KS2 are following the Stage 1 Scheme of Work.

This is a rolling programme:

1st year: all years at Stage 1(S1)

2nd year: Y3 at S1, Y4-6 at S2

3rd year: Y3 at S1, Y4 at S2, Ys 5+6 at S3

4th year: all years at appropriate stage).


Progression Maps in French:

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Have a look at some examples of our Languages work below...

Languages Policy:

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DfE Targets:

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Support in French

All children in KS2 have the opportunity to join in French lessons, however we know that some children may need more support in this lesson than others. To help children who may need more support or who are on the SEN register we may:

  • give adult support during French lessons
  • offer modified resources or books
  • give visual prompts

This support will be given during the lesson so that children do not miss out on their curriculum.