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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Art and Design

A St Joseph’s learner will practice drawing, painting and sculpting. They will draw upon their knowledge of what has been made before and use this to express their own ideas. They will have the ability to apply these skills in many different areas.


Art Policy

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Art in the Early Years 


Every child has their own ideas of art. They have different ways of creating art and are always proud of their masterpieces!

We make sure children have opportunities to draw, create, deign and experiment and explore colour in our Nursery and Reception classes. We make sure children have a range of tools and medias to use. We encourage children to create freely and love discussing their creations.

We will explore the work of a range of Artists to expose children to different ideas and methods of art which may inspire or spark inspiration.

Children will be taught and have opportunities to develop and build upon skills such as drawing, painting, cutting, ripping, mixing, molding, shaping and much more.

Children have opportunities to design and create using various specific construction and non-specific materials. Children have opportunities and are encouraged to create and build in their play. This may look like structures, buildings, dens, props for play, crowns, trains, kites, stations… options are without limit, just like a child’s imagination! We will play with children and create with them, developing design ideas and planning together.



Support in Art:

All children have the opportunity to create art, however we know that some children may need more support in this than others. To help children who may need more support or who are on the SEN register we may:

  • give adult support during art lessons
  • offer modified resources
  • give visual prompts

This support will be given during the lesson so that children do not miss out on their curriculum.