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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Live Simply Award

Disconnect to Reconnect Day

On 6th September 2023 we held a 'Disconnect to Reconnect' day in school.   On this day we used as little electricity as possible.   We did not have computers, whiteboards or laptops on and all lights switched off. 

The whole school worked outside as much as possible! 

Year 1 enjoyed a day of outdoor learning and made sandwiches outside!

Year 2 discussed the Our Father prayer and enjoyed some quiet reflection time with the lights off. They also enjoyed sharing their favourite Bible stories and wrote about these creating an RE display to share these.

Year 6 walked to church; they explored the outdoor settings and listed some questions they would like to ask Father Peter about our church. 

We are very excited to have received our LiveSimply Registration Certificate!

This means that we are now ‘working towards becoming a LiveSimply School’.

Loving God, you made this beautiful world that we all share. 

Help us to live simply,  

and be thankful for all that you have given us 

Help us to look after our earth, 

So that everyone may enjoy it. 

Help us to share with others, 

so that everyone has what they need. 



This year we have signed up to take part in the CAFOD LiveSimply Award.

The LiveSimply award is an opportunity for Catholic communities - parishes, schools, religious orders and chaplaincies - to respond to Pope Francis’ invitation to “work with generosity and tenderness in protecting this world which God has entrusted to us”.

The LiveSimply award is earned by communities and schools who can show how they have been living:

  •          simply
  •          in solidarity with people in poverty
  •          sustainably with creation.

During the course of the year, we will be taking part in a number of events, activities and projects to help us achieve the LiveSimply Award.  As a community we will fundraise for CAFOD World Gifts, celebrating events such as World Food Day (16th October 2023), International Day of Peace (21st September 2023)  and hold a 'disconnect to reconnect' day in school (6th September 2023).

As the year progresses we will keep updating our LiveSimply page with news and pictures of the exciting work we have been doing so make sure you visit this page frequently.