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A St Joseph’s learner will develop a good general knowledge of Rugeley and the surrounding area, Britain and the other countries that make up their world. They will be able to use maps, compasses and ICT skills to allow them to better explore the world and its important features such as mountains, rivers and cities, instilling in them an appreciation of the world in which they live and their role in caring for it for it for future generations.





 In Early Years children will learn and explore our natural environment. We will make observations about our environment and compare with other environments.

We will look at our local area and other areas of our world through stories, photos and sharing experiences that children have had like holidays and trips. We develop this in play too, we build lands and spaces based on what the children know. “Where could we go on holiday? What would it be like there? What will we need?” “Where does this animal live? What would we need to build that for them? Is it hot or cold?”

Children will use real and fictional maps in play, we will make makes and follow maps too. As children move into Reception we will use Street View to look at our local area and children will navigate themselves to familiar places.




Progression Map for Geography


Please Note: The statements in bold are national curriculum based objectives. Other objectives come from our own school curriculum planning.

Investigating Maps in Year 2

Year 6 Map Work and Design