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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Curriculum- Intent

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We thought very carefully about how we could educate our children to live in the image and likeness of Jesus. We discussed what we wanted our children to be like as people and the values that we would want them to have by the time they leave us in Y6. We used these thoughts to create the St Joseph's Curriculum Intent. We believe that this document has enabled us to develop a personalised curriculum with Christ at the centre.

We ask that you read this document so that you can support your child on their school journey and help us create role-models for the future.  

Click Here to read the St Joseph's Curriculum Intent


A St Joseph's Learner - Implementation

Subject leaders developed their own St Joseph's Learner statements that were shared with and agreed by all members of staff.  St Joseph's Learner statements can be found on the subject pages in the CURRICULUM tab.

In order to reach these end of school statements, staff have developed curriculum progression maps for every subject and every year group. These can be found, as well as more detailed information about each subject, on the individual subject pages where you will see what your child will be learning in each area of the curriculum as they progress through school.  

The progression maps ensure that all children receive the content as specified in the National Curriculum but also key skills and knowledge content that is unique to St Joseph's pupils.

Alongside this we have created a visits schedule to ensure that appropriate trips, visits and school visitors are utilised to enhance our provision and engage the children in the wider-school curriculum.

We are proud of our curriculum as we have developed it together carefully considering how to enable the children of St Joseph's to reach their God-given potential.

St Joseph's School Curriculum Design

Our Curriculum Design document (below)  outlines what our children will learn and the breadth of opportunities we offer that make our school distinctly different from others including: British Values, SMSVC and Assessment.

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School Trips, Visits and Visitors

The National Curriculum

Please follow the link below to see the National Curriculum (2014). We use this to shape and create a broad, balanced and deep curriculum that meets the needs of all our children.