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During this time you will probably be spending more time online than you normally would. It is VERY important that you are staying safe when you are using the internet. If you see something that upsets you or you know is wrong, you MUST tell an adult immediately!

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Story with Miss Denny

Let's begin our day with a story. Click on this link for a short message from me then watch this clip to hear part of the story of Oliver Twist :) (Excuse my crazy hair, Mrs Baldwin made me do some exercise with her!)

Daily Prayer

Morning Maths Lesson 1

STARTER: Spend 5 minutes answering these questions. Don't forget to name the shape too. 


1) backwards


3) 8

4) 14

Shape: pentagon

MAIN: This week you have been learning how to subtract 1-digit numbers and multiples of ten. Today you are going to subtract 2-digit numbers. I know we have done this before but it's REALLY important that you are confident with this so that next week's work isn't too challenging.


Again, you should be able to work this out in your head by counting back the tens then the ones but if you get stuck, you can use this method:

Draw the rods and cubes. Subtract the tens and ones by crossing out the rods and cubes. Your answer is the rods and cubes that are left. 

Now have a go at solving these calculations:

 46 - 12 = 34         73 - 12 = 61         53 - 31 = 22        62 - 22 =  40        80 - 80 = 0         96 - 70 =  26        74 - 23 = 51         68 - 35 = 33         99 - 97 = 2 


89 - 65 = 24         67 - 51 =  16        86 - 56 =  30        85 - 42 =  43        75 - 54 =  21        78 - 37 = 41          69 - 68 =  1       86 - 16 = 70         96 - 87 = 9



Prove it!


True because £58 - £23 = £35.


Morning English Lesson 2

Write today's date neatly on the top of the next clean page. 


Set a 1 minute timer on your phone or tablet. I would like you to see how many times you can write the word mind neatly on the line in your book in one minute. GO! How many did you write?

Now repeat with the word behind then child. Remember these are words from the Year 2 spelling list - you must be able to read and spell these words!



Important: Make sure you have watched the clip of Oliver Twist that is at the top of the page, you won't be able to do this task if you haven't!!

Today I would like you to continue writing the story from the point where I finished reading to you. You need to think of an exciting event that could happen to Oliver and then how your story will end. Remember to use your imagination and make your writing exciting to read, I will get to see your green books when you come back to school! :D

You must:

  • use capital letters
  • use full stops, exclamation marks and question marks
  • use conjunctions to join your sentences
  • use different sentence openers
  • use interesting vocabulary. It would be great if you could include some of the interesting adjectives that you found yesterday!
  • use your phonics, known spelling rules and the word mat in your green book
  • use your neatest handwriting
  • write at least 8 sentences


I know some of you have been drawing story maps or creating mind maps of ideas before you begin your writing. This is a great way to plan your story, well done :D


Don't forget to send me a photograph of your writing so that I can read the middle and the end of your story :)



Now use a coloured pencil to edit and improve your writing. You could use a thesaurus to improve some of your adjectives, like you did yesterday!






Read a book aloud to someone else. Don't forget to record this in your reading diary :)


Afternoon Tasks

Task 1: Using cotton buds and paint, create a piece of artwork. Remember to use your imagination!

Task 2: Log onto Numbots and improve your Maths skills. You will find your log in details at the back of your green book (remember to use WS15 1BN and not the school name!)

Don't forget that I can see who has been on so make sure you are using this weekly!

Don't forget to send me a photograph of any parts of your learning on Purple Mash or to my email address!