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Internet Safety
Please make sure that when your child is using the internet that they are supervised and supported. Please make sure you regularly check the apps that your child uses to ensure they are safe. Children should be supervised whilst playing on a device such as a phone or tablet.



Tuesday 2nd June

Good Morning Nursery!

Here are today’s learning activities.

Practise writing your name.

Phonics – Please click here to choose some Nursery Rhymes to join in with and sing along to with your family.

We have been learning about a new letter each week in Nursery. Can you remember the letters we have learned about already? That’s right - s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, e, u, h and b. This week’s letters is j. Click here to see a monster treasure hunt. Can you think of any other words that begin with j? Draw them in your home learning book.

Mark Making – Draw your favourite healthy food in your home learning book.

Maths – Click here to play a shape monster game. Click here to play a shape pattern game.


You could make a tasty fruit salad or maybe a fruit smoothie with someone in your family today Nursery.

 Story Time – Click here to enjoy another listen to “Supertato” Nursery.