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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Tuesday 14th July 2020


Hi Class G! Please make sure that you are using the internet safely at all times, especially now as so many of us are using the internet to help us while we are at home. Always remember that if you come across anything online that you know is inappropriate or worries you in anyway, you should come off your device immediately and tell an adult. The internet can be a fantastic tool when we use it responsibly, so make sure you are staying safe! 

Daily prayer



Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary,

that never was it known

that anyone who fled to your protection,

implored your help or sought your intercession,

was left unaided.

Inspired with this confidence, I fly unto you,

O Virgin of virgins, my Mother.

To you I come, before you I stand,

sinful and sorrowful;

O Mother of the Word Incarnate,

despise not my petitions, but in your mercy

hear and answer me.