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Wednesday 3rd June

Some of the Busy Bees are back in the classroom now so this page will look slightly different. Go to the main page to see what we're up to daily and to see photos from school and all your super work at home. 

Remember when on the internet STAY SAFE! If you see anything you think is wrong then let an adult know straight away!

Morning Prayer

 Create your own prayer:

I'm so thankful that you gave me ______

I'm so glad that you helped me with ______

I love you God because _____

Please help me today as I _____

Please watch over _____



Get your pink book and write today’s date at the top- it is important to do this every day!

From now on in Phonics we are going to be learning about different sound families. A sound family is different ways to make the same sound. For example: ee for tree and ea for bead. The ee and ea make the same sound but are just written in different ways.


Today we are looking at the 'j' sound. Here is a poster showing the different ways we could write this sound. Look at the pictures and use your phonics to write the sound with the correct spelling of 'f' shown. Can you think of any more words with the 'j' sound in? Write them down too.

Tricky words

Each day I'm going to put on 4 tricky or high frequency words. You can practice them in whatever way you want. You could write them in silly sentences, you could copy them using rainbow colours, you could do copy, cover, test.






 Get your green home learning book. At the top of the page I want you to write the date again. 

Listen to the next part of Peter Pan and what it's like for Wendy, John and Michael in Neverland:

Today I want you to write a letter home, as if you are one on the children. You are going to write to your mum or dad and tell them that you are safe. Tell them all about the adventure so far, where you are, how you got there, who you've met, what it's like, how you are feeling.

Remember to start your letter: Dear mum and dad and end your letter Love from Wendy, John or / and Michael.

Remember I want to see:

Capital letter and full stops

Finger spaces



? !

and / but / because

Remember also to read back your work to make sure it makes sense.


Underneath your English work write today's short date: 3.06.20


Have you got any string or ribbon in your house. Ask your parents if you could use some for today's activity as we are quartering lengths. 

Ask them to cut your 5 different lengths of string or ribbon.

Today you are going to quarter it, so first you need to halve it. Put the 2 ends together and pinch the other end. That is half. Now you need to do the same thing again, put the 2 ends together and pinch the end. You should have 4 lengths of string that same. Now if you cut them like that, in the crease, you should have 4 pieces of string the same sizes.

Measure the piece of string that you started with with a ruler or tape measure and put the measurement in your books. Then measure one of the 4 pieces you end with and put it in your books. You could alway sellotape the lengths of string into your book if you wanted.


We are going to look at shadows in science today in school. I'm hoping it might be a nice day so we can go outside and chase our own shadows in the sun. We will also take out some chalk and draw around some shadows on the playground. Why don't you go out and find some shadows today?

It it's not a nice day then you could always make some shadow puppets inside and shine a torch on the wall.

Fun you can have at home: Getting creative with shadow puppets ...

Peter Pan Activity

Today in class we will be making Fairy dust, just like Tinkerbell has in the book and film Peter Pan.

We will be mixing up sand, glitter and powder paint and putting them into nice little jars. We will also write a description of what the fairy dust will do if it's scattered over you.

Story time

We will start a new story in class called 'The Creepers' by Tom Fletcher. I will film myself reading it and put the link here so keep your eyes peeled.