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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Wednesday 20th January


Phonics 9.15-9.30

Read 'Zoom to the Moon' below.

Have a go at answering the questions.

Maths 9.45-10.30

We have been counting in 2s and we are fantastic at it.

Yesterday we looked at 'lots of' 2.  Today we are continuing to look at this and we are going to show the 2 times table as an array. 


Answer the questions below counting in your 2s to help you.

English 11.00-11.45


We have looked at verbs and adjectives before in Year 1.


 A verb is a doing word, e.g. walk, run, jump

An adjective is a describing word, e.g. long, short, colourful


Look at the sheet below and decide whether the words at the bottom in the box are adjectives or verbs.

Afternoon Task


 Wednesday afternoon we usually have PE.


Have a go at the lesson below with Joe Wicks: