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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Monday 1st March 2021

Faith Assembly  (9.00-9.15)

Please log onto Google Meet for this weeks Faith Assembly.



Practise reading and writing the tricky words below. 


the                  when                 go                  they             into


Maths (9.45-10.30)

Counting in tens

Today we are counting in 10s.

We will practise counting from 10-100.

I would like you to make your very own 10-100 number line.

You can be creative as you like.  You can use whatever materials you would like.

You can draw and colour or do something a bit different, it is up to you!


All I ask it that each number can be seen clearly and in order.

Use the number line below to help you.


Good luck!

English (11.00-11.45)

Story Writing

This week we are going to write our very own story!

Today we are writing the beginning of our story only.

You should pick one setting and two characters from the options below.

In the beginning of your story you should describe the setting and introduce the characters only.

Use LOTS of adjectives in your writing and lots of description. 


Do not carry onto the middle of the story.

RE (1.45-2.45)

 During today's RE lesson we are exploring the statement Jesus said below. 

This means, however you choose to treat other people is how you are treating Jesus. 

Look at the question below. 

Think carefully about when and where you see Jesus around you.

Do you see him on the playground when a friend forgives you?

Do you see him when someone is kind to you and helps you?


Complete the sentence below four times, think carefully about each answer and make each one different.

Draw a picture for each.