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Monday 1st June

Some of the Busy Bees are back in the classroom now so this page will look slightly different. Go to the main page to see what we're up to daily and to see photos from school and all your super work at home. 

Remember when on the internet STAY SAFE! If you see anything you think is wrong then let an adult know straight away!


Morning prayer

Dear Lord

Thank you for my wonderful family

Thank you for the people that are helping me learn

Please look after the people who are keeping us safe

I love you



Get your pink book and write today’s date at the top- it is important to do this every day!

From now on in Phonics we are going to be learning about different sound families. A sound family is different ways to make the same sound. For example: ee for tree and ea for bead. The ee and ea make the same sound but are just written in different ways.


Today we are looking at the 'ch' sound. Here is a poster showing the different ways we could write this sound. Look at the pictures and use your phonics to write the sound with the correct spelling of 'ch' shown. Can you think of any more words with the 'ch' sound in? Write them down too.

Tricky words

Each day I'm going to put on 4 tricky or high frequency words. You can practice them in whatever way you want. You could write them in silly sentences, you could copy them using rainbow colours, you could do copy, cover, test.






Get your green home learning book out and write today’s date at the top.

For the next 2 weeks we are going to be looking at the book and film Peter Pan.

I'd like you to watch this short clip where Peter Pan and Wendy first meet in Wendy's house:

I would like you to describe:

Where- where is the scene? What does it look like? What colours are there? What time of day is it?

Who- what characters are there? What do they look like? What are they wearing? What do they sound like?

What- what is happening in the scene? What are they talking about?

Remember that I would like to see:

Capital letter and full stops

Finger spaces


Exciting words

and / but / because

? !


Write the short date underneath your English work: 1.06.20

This week we are looking at quarters. Remember that half is sharing equally into 2. Quarters is sharing equally into 4. Remember each part has to be EQUAL, the same, fair.

Here are 2 pizzas. The first is cut into half- two equal parts. The second is cut into quarter- four equal parts.

Worksheet: Halves and Quarters | Nagwa

Have you got anything around the house that you could practice cutting into quarters? A piece of toast? A sandwich? A cupcake?

Try and find some shapes that you could draw round in your books. Use a ruler to draw the lines to cut them into quarters, try and make them as equal as you can.

Can you find a circle, square, rectangle, oval, triangle? Some might be tricky to divide into quarters but give it a go.



Yesterday was Pentecost Sunday. Before Jesus went up to Heaven He promised that He would send the Holy Spirit.

The disciples were gathered in a room one day, sad that Jesus had gone. All of a sudden a gust of wind opened the door and flew through the room. The disciples looked at each other and there were flames of fire above their heads. They went out into the street and started talking to the people in different languages.

Can you draw pictures or symbols to represent these 3 things: wind, fire and languages?

Peter Pan activity

Each day we are going to do a different Peter Pan activity / craft in school. Why not try at home too?

Today we'll be making a Peter Pan style hat and decorating it:

Story time

We will start a new story in class called 'The Creepers' by Tom Fletcher. I will film myself reading it and put the link here so keep your eyes peeled.