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School Council

A message from our Chair and Vice Chair
We are St. Joseph's School Council. We are twelve people who have been elected to represent our classes at school council meetings. Our main goal is to make St. Joseph's an even better place to learn while having fun. In our school council there are two people from Year One to Year Six and we are here to listen to everybody and help each other. We also have a chairperson and a vice-chairperson who help to lead our meetings. We are here to help you be happy at school.
Please come and speak to us if you have good ideas.


School Council Work





School Council Work

Making links with other schools

We recently visited Cardinal Griffin to share our work on supporting refugees. We learnt about accepting others and supporting those with very different needs to our own. We were able to share the work that we had done in school with others and will continue to help others to understand how life can be very difficult when moving to a new country.


Supporting refugee children in school

We recently led a school assembly where we shared our intentions to support refugee families in the local area. We talked about how refugee children and young people have experienced many difficulties on their journey to school in England and that they are looking for a safe place to live.

We know that we should show them love and kindness and offer them a warm welcome so we have decided to work in our classes on a small project that will support them.

KS2 children are creating an information pack about the local area with information about where to shop, where to worship, where to get help, holiday activities, clubs, bus timetables and maps of the area with easily understandable keys.

KS1 children are also making things to welcome younger children to the UK.

Have a look at some of our fantastic work below!

Year One's Picture Dictionary

Year Three's Useful Information Map

New Build- Time Capsule

On the 8th of March, school councillors from KS1 helped to bury a time capsule in the foundations of the new school build. School children had contributed to the time capsule by placing things of interest including: information about our school, images and their own writing so that maybe one day, years from now, other people might unearth it and be amazed at what life was like in the year 2018!
See the pictures below!