St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

EYFS at St. Joseph's

Our Early Years consists of a Nursery  and a Reception class. We have a fantastic team of Early Years staff who thrive on making the children's first experiences of school exciting and memorable.

Our Team:

Nursery- Mrs Willits (teacher)

                Mrs Barnes (full time TA)

                Mrs Whitelaw (morning TA)

                Mrs Ryan (afternoon TA)

Reception- Miss Slater (teacher)

                   Mrs Ostle (full time TA)

                   Mrs Waters (full time TA)


Phonics in Early Years:

If you would like to know more about the phonics taught in our classes, either to support your children or look for yourself, we follow Letters and Sounds.

When we teach a different sound we will teach the children to say it, hear it in words, to write it and to recognise it.

We teach the children actions and a song to each of the sounds, which helps them to remember, if you would like to know more then watch the songs yourselves:


Click on the links below for a Parent's guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.