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Tuesday 24th November 2020

At the end of the day, please ask your parent(s) to take photos of your completed work and send them to me on Class Dojo so that I can provide feedback. 

Maths - 1 hour

Please write today's date and L.O. in your book:


L.O.: To revise dividing by 100.

Starter - Hit the Button

Use the link below to access the Hit the Button game. Choose times tables, then select the ones you think you need to practise most.


Main Activity:

Click here for a video explaining today's learning. Then complete the questions below. If you cannot print the sheet off, then answer them in your book.

English - 1 hour

Please write today's date and L.O. in your book:

Tuesday 24th November 2020

L.O.: To write an engaging narrative.

Read through the plan you created yesterday to remind yourself of the task.


Over the next two days, you will be writing the narrative of what happened to Crom’s warren.

What should a good narrative include?


You may want to include:

Description of setting, character and atmosphere
Dialogue to convey character
Rhetorical question
Show not tell



Write the opening 2 paragraphs of the narrative you planned yesterday describing what happened to Crom's warren. Remember to refer back to your plan.


Here's a sentence to get you started:

When I was a young rabbit, not much older than you are now, I spent many a blissful day bouncing around this bustling warren with my friends. 

Guided Reading - 30 mins

Read the text and answer all the questions below in full sentences in your book:

History -  1 hour


L.O.: To find out about the Viking invasions of Britain. 



Read through the information below then write a newspaper report about the Viking invasion at Lindisfarne from the point of the view of the Anglo-Saxons. Use the sheet below to help you.