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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

With God in Our Hearts We Love and Learn.

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

It is important that children are staying safe online at all times. Please click on the link for support on how you can ensure this. 


All of the work will now be posted on Google Classroom

On the 'stream' on Google Classroom you will find the timetable for the day.

Under 'classwork' you will find all of the topics we cover. 

Under each topic you will find the work. The work is labelled with the date so you know which work to open. 

When you click on the work under the topics, you will see the instructions and any worksheets, photos and links that you will need. 

Please continue to post photos of your work on the portfolio on Class Dojo


8.50am – Log in to Google Classroom and type ‘Good morning’ on the comment section of my morning message.

9.05am – Maths live teach (10 minutes)

Children will complete Maths activities.

9.45am – Maths live answers (15 minutes)

10am – 10.30am Break

10.30am – English live input (10 minutes)

Children will complete English activities.

11.15am – English live answers (15 minutes)

11.30am – 11.45am Break

11.45am – Live reading

12pm – Lunch

1pm - Log in to Google Classroom and type ‘Good afternoon’ on the comment section of my afternoon message.

1.15pm – Live teach for afternoon activity

Children will complete the afternoon activity.

2pm – 2.15pm Break

2.15pm – Guided Reading and Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation Live teach

3pm – End of school day