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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

It is important that children are staying safe online at all times. Please click on the link for support on how you can ensure this. 



8.50am – Log in to Google Classroom and type ‘Good morning’ on the comment section of my morning message.

9.05am – Prayer followed by Maths live teach (10 minutes)

Children will complete Maths activities.

9.45am – Maths live answers (15 minutes)

10am – 10.30am Break

10.30am – English live input (10 minutes)

Children will complete English activities.

11.15am – English live answers (15 minutes)

11.30am – 11.45am Break

11.45am – Live reading

12pm – Lunch

1pm - Log in to Google Classroom and type ‘Good afternoon’ on the comment section of my afternoon message.

1.15pm – Live teach for afternoon activity

Children will complete the afternoon activity.

2pm – 2.15pm Break

2.45pm – Whole school assembly

3pm – End of school day

Home learning



Mental Maths

On Fridays, we focus on mental maths. Please start on the first activity mat and answer as many questions as you can and then move onto the next activity mat.

Activity Mat 1


Activity Mat 2


Activity Mat 3


Home learning


Friday 15th January 2021

Spelling, punctuation and grammar

Answer the questions on the sheet below (a-f).

Then, complete the adjectives activity below. If you do not have a printer, draw the table in your book instead.


11.45am - Live Reading

Today you need to bring something that you wear on your head to our live reading session!

Home learning afternoon activities 

1pm - 3pm 

Class news! 
We will be sharing each other’s news once again this week on Google Meet. If you have some news you would like to share, write it down and you can present it just like a news reporter! 
If you don’t, you can still join the meet and listen to your friends’ news. 

L.O: To name and locate the world’s continents and oceans.
Log in to Google Classroom, click on ‘Classwork,’ scroll down to Geography and click on ‘Friday 15th January 2021...’ 

Then open the Google form called ‘Continents and Oceans Quiz!’

Click submit once you have answered the questions and see how well you have done! 

2.45pm Celebration Assembly