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Monday 1st June

Click here to read an important note to parents and to see what our theme is this week! 

Please make sure you read all of the information on the link tagged above.

Phonics Activity

Kim's Game

To play this game you will need a selection of farm animals (figures or pictures). 

Put them together naming each one. 

Children must close their eyes and the adult should take one away. Children should write which animal is missing on their whiteboard using their phonics. 
You could take turns guessing making sure to write your guess on the whiteboard to mix the focus of writing and reading.

In Class A we will be recapping our phonics songs too. Click here to recap the songs. 

Mathematics Activity

Today we will use our addition skills to solve an addition word problem.

It is important that children understand the following words all mean the same as add....

altogether       more       in total       plus       add 

 How to solve a word problem

- Read (children may need help with this) 
- Find the key word in the problem that tells you if you will need to add or take away. Have a look for the words in blue above. 
- Look for the numbers in your word problem. Children may want to circle these. 
-Write the addition / subtraction as a calculation.
-Find the answer using objects, fingers or drawing the animals in this case. 

Here is my example...
Old MacDonald had 2 pigs and 3 sheep. How many animals has he got altogether?

2 + 3 = 5

Download the file below for today's questions. 
You could make this easier/ harder by changing the numbers. 

 Old MacDonald adding.docxDownload
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Literacy Activity

Today we are going to make our own farm maps! 
Children should label the animals or areas of their farm. Children should use their phonics to sound out and write the words, using their sound mat for support.

Make sure you think of a name for your farm!  

Take a look at these examples below. 


What else are we up to today in Class A?

You could have a go at the same activities as us or complete a mini project at home about our theme this week.