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Friday 3rd April

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Phonics Activity

In today's phonics lesson we will continue to recap the phonics songs. I hope you are joining in with me at home! Click here to join in. *Sorry, I have titled today's videos with the wrong date...again!

Please record this in your Parent Observation book. 


Mathematics Activity

This week we have been working on doubling. Now we know how to double a number, use your preferred method to double numbers 1-5. Children should record these as doubling facts, children may need support with the word double. See my example below Gerald. Now let's learn these as number facts. Make a song or rap about these number facts. 

If children are able to recall these number facts quickly it will help their Maths in other areas. 

Literacy Activity

Today's task is to design a flag to take to the moon. Children should draw a flag with pictures that reflect their own interests and personality. Children should draw at least 5 things. Next the children should write a list of the things they have drawn on their flag. Encourage use of phonics. Don't forget Class A, when we write a list we write one item on each line. 

Please click on Gerald the giraffe below for an input for this activity prior to starting. See an example below Gerald of how today's page should look.

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Story Time

Today I have read one of Class A's favourite stories, all about Gerald! Click here to listen. 

Please visit the Class A home page to see a special message.

Afternoon Activities

I have three afternoon activity suggestions from Antony Ant! Watch the slideshow below to see the activity suggestions. Please try at least one activity. Parents please record these as an observation along with any other observations from your day, including reading. See an example below the activity slides.

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